A fast thought about Hyouka [no spoilers]

I start watching Hyouka just an hour ago and well… You know when you are watching an anime film? How it feels a way too different from a normal episode? That time when you are watching TV and you can immediately say if what you are watching is an episode or a film? That’s exactly what I feel about Hyouka. If you put me the first episode without telling me nothing I can’t tell you if I’m watching an episode or a film. That symbolism, silence, slowly, quality, tone, sound…


First, talking about symbolism. It is simply enough to let you understand what happens without even thinking and keeps you in that mood that reminds my how my imagination works when I’m reading.

Then, about slowness (or how this animes takes his time to do or tell things) is what (with sound) reminds my a lot the anime films that I saw from childhood, that beauty slow that just relax you and take what happens with the care that they deserve.


And finally the sound that is pretty particular. It seems that anime studios have two types of microphones, the one who are used to films and the one who are used to episodes and in Hyouka seems that they have the film one because it sound exactly like these Doraemon or Studio Ghibli films.


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